Corporate Governance

We are committed to the principles of good corporate governance and adhere to standards of corporate governance that are in line with international best practice.

Our Board of Directors is responsible for our management and strategy. The Board of Directors supervises the interests of stakeholders, the creation of a culture aimed at long-term value creation, the internal audit function, and the effectiveness of internal risk management and control systems.

Our management team is charged with day-to-day management and is responsible for the continuity and optimization of our business to create long-term value for our stakeholders.

In terms of ethics and compliance, we strive to conduct all business activities responsibly, efficiently, transparently, and with integrity and respect towards stakeholders. In doing so, we promote a culture of performance, collaboration, and responsibility. These values underpin everything we do and define the day-to-day attitudes and behaviors of our employees.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors provides strategic leadership, determines the fundamental management policies of the company and oversees the performance of the business. It is the principal decision-making body for all matters that are significant to the company, whether in terms of their strategic, financial or reputational implications.

The Board of Directors is committed to standards of corporate governance that are in line with international best practice. Fertiglobe complies with the corporate governance requirements of the ADX listing rules. The Board of Directors has also adopted a governance and board composition policy which includes various principles applicable to the make-up of the Board, including that there must be at least one female director. Fertiglobe’s articles of association further require that the Board meet at least four times each year.

The Board of Directors will establish three permanent committees – an Audit Committee, a Nomination and Remuneration Committee (each of which will be subject to the composition requirements of the Governance Rules), and an Executive Committee. In accordance with the Governance Rules, the Chairperson is not permitted to be a member of either the Audit Committee or the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

Executive Management

Fertiglobe’s senior management team has extensive experience in the fertilizers, chemicals, and petrochemical industries. The team has a track record of boosting revenues and profitability and implementing initiatives to improve operating efficiency and profit margins.

Compliance Framework

The compliance framework comprises of policies and principles that outline in specific terms what we stand for as a company and the conduct required in the workplace, in how we deal with business partners, serve our customers, and the broader responsibilities we have to the communities in which we work and live (such as the Code of Conduct).

The Company’s HR and compliance teams work closely with each operating company to ensure our compliance framework and core values are communicated to all employees and reflected in any local codes of conduct that may be tailored to reflect local regulations and customs.

All employees are trained on the key principles and applications of the Compliance Framework through a group-wide e-learning platform and can raise any concerns and breaches through a safe and confidential whistleblowing and incident reporting procedure. An anonymous reporting procedure is also available, through which employees can report to a whistleblower hotline hosted by a third-party hotline provider. All reports are handled with the utmost care and confidentiality, regardless of if reported internally or via the anonymous reporting hotline.

Downloadable Files

Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy

Insider Trading Code

Code of Conduct

Whistleblower Policy

Human Rights Policy

Business Partner Code of Conduct