About Us

Fertiglobe is a leading nitrogen fertilizer producer and distributor, and the largest producer in the MENA region.

With plants located in the UAE, Egypt and Algeria, Fertiglobe’s production capacity comprises of 5.1 million metric tons of urea and 1.5 million metric tons of merchant ammonia annually. It is underpinned by a young asset base and a robust storage and distribution infrastructure, with direct access to key ports on the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Arabian Gulf.

Fertiglobe’s complementary production and distribution locations bring geographic diversity and enhanced market access, benefitting both existing and new customers.

We are committed to operational and commercial excellence, with a detailed efficiency enhancement strategy focused on safety, plant reliability and integrity, and cash flow optimization.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Fertiglobe was formed as a strategic partnership between OCI and ADNOC in September 2019.

The company’s history is built on OCI and ADNOC’s leading MENA fertilizer businesses. OCI first entered the nitrogen fertilizer business in 2005 by constructing and acquiring a 30% stake in Egypt Basic Industries Corporation (EBIC). By 2013, OCI’s MENA fertilizer platform also included 100% of Egyptian Fertilizers Company (EFC), 51% of Sorfert Algérie, and a 60% share in EBIC, forming one of the region’s largest export platforms.
Fertil was established in Ruwais Abu Dhabi in 1980 as a joint venture between ADNOC (66%) and Total (33%) and became operational three years later, producing ammonia and urea. ADNOC acquired Total’s stake in 2018, making Fertil 100% owned by ADNOC until the strategic partnership with OCI in 2019.

Our Purpose

We aim to responsibly help achieve sustainable agriculture by providing an effective and environmentally sound source of nitrogen, the essential nutrient for crop growth, to our customers around the world.

Our Values

We are Performance Driven – we have a strong track record of operational excellence. We always strive to serve our stakeholders reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively and to deliver outstanding quality.

We are Responsible – we believe in accountability. We uphold the highest standards of ethics and have an unwavering commitment to the health and safety of our employees, local communities and the environment.

We are Collaborative – we value the benefits of combining our collective experience and resources to deliver mutual success. Above all, we value our employees, are committed to their development, and foster a respectful and inclusive culture in which they can thrive.