About Fertiglobe

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Fertiglobe was formed in September 2019 as a strategic partnership between OCI and ADNOC. OCI currently owns 50% of shares, while ADNOC owns 36%, and the remaining 14% is floated on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) in 2021.


Latest News

Fertiglobe Signs Agreement with AD Ports Group to Explore Collaboration Opportunities in Egypt, the UAE and other Geographies

Fertiglobe Reports Q2 2023 Results

Fertiglobe Reports Q1 2023 Results

Fertiglobe AGM Approves H2 2022 Dividend of $700 Million, Bringing Total Dividends for FY 2022 to $1.45 Billion

Fertiglobe Publishes 2022 Annual Report

Fertiglobe Announces 2022 Adj. Net Profit of $1,287 million and H2 2022 Dividends at $700 million, in Line with Guidance


Our products serve end markets that include agriculture, transportation, and industrial customers, representing an opportunity to decarbonize a significant portion of today’s global greenhouse gas emissions.