About Fertiglobe

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Fertiglobe was formed in September 2019 as a strategic partnership between OCI (58%) and ADNOC (42%).


Latest News

Fertiglobe Reports Q2 2022 Adj. Net Profit of $438 million; Announces H1 2022 Dividend at $750 million, Supported by Solid Free Cash Flow Generation

Fertiglobe AGM Approves Robust 2021 Earnings; Ratifies First Post-IPO Dividend of $340 Million (Paid in April 2022)

Fertiglobe Announces Q1 2022 Adj. Net Income of $361 Million; Raises H1 2022 Dividend Guidance to at Least $700 Million Underpinned by Robust Outlook

Fertiglobe Publishes 2021 Annual Report

ADNOC And Fertiglobe Announce Memorandum Of Understanding Agreements For Low-carbon Demonstration Cargos With German Partners

Fertiglobe Announces Robust 2021 Net Income of $737 million and Dividends of $340 million for H2 2021, Ahead of Guidance


Our products serve end markets that include agriculture, transportation, and industrial customers, representing an opportunity to decarbonize a significant portion of today’s global greenhouse gas emissions.